Hurricane Sandy: Meet New Jersey's unsung heroes of the storm

Bill MacDonald, owner of Warrenville Paint and Hardware, and employee Richard Seale inside the Warren store. MacDonald, hardware store owner, flew his employee, Seale, to his warehouse in New Hampshire then had him drive back with supplies, which he gave away.


Warrenville Hardware went above and beyond to help customers in the days following Hurricane Sandy

Sometimes, in the face of great adversity, a select few individuals step up and make the best of a bad situation. That is precisely what the folks at Warrenville Paint and Hardware did when Hurricane Sandy battered Warren Township. 


Best of The Best

The Courier Newspaper annually polls its readers for "The Best of The Best" and Warrenville Paint and Hardware always ranks as one of the best places to do business according to the Central Jersey circulation and readership. 


Firefighters Give Back To Store Owner

When a local all-volunteer firehouse, ironically had a major fire, our store donated all the supplies and tools needed to clean-up, repair, and restore the building. That gesture earned Bill MacDonald, owner of Warrenville Paint and Hardware kudos, awards, plaques, and front page attention in local newspapers.  A dozen firefighters showed up at the store, gathering around the company’s antique Mack Fire Engine and asked Bill to take a place of honor in the driver’s seat.  Bill was presented with a plaque honoring the contributions of his store and a letter of thanks.  As for helping out the fire department, “It was just a no-brainer for me,” MacDonald said.  “It was a chance to pay them back for all their help to the community.” 


Morris Union Jointure Commission Vocational School

In the newly constructed 167,000 square foot Morris Union Jointure Commission Vocational School for autistic children, Warrenville Paint and Hardware with the help of Benjamin Moore built a store within the school.  Using mock money, empty paint cans, and supplied with safe tools and hardware, students learn to function as store clerks, and as customers as well, all within the Warrenville Paint and Hardware storefront which is located on the mock “Main Street” of the school building.  School Principal Barbara Starling says “The mock store presents an environment where the students can work on skills acquisition and generalize their classroom skills to community venues.  This skill-building develops their independence and self worth, making their transition into the real-world less intimidating and more productive.”  One of the students’ parents were so inspired that they purchased a hardware store of their own as a family business where they can provide future employment for their own child as well as other autistic people! 


Signature Store Designation

Warrenville Paint and Hardware has earned the prestigious Signature Store designation from Benjamin Moore, representing the highest standards in customer shopping experience, product selection and customer service. 


Success Magazine Features Warrenville Paint and Hardware

Success Magazine, an internationally circulated Trade Magazine, recently featured Warrenville Paint and Hardware.  The article highlighted the many ways Warrenville Paint and Hardware differentiates themselves from the competition and continues to be successful in the age of big-box stores. 


Warrenville Hardware Sponsors Community Little League

We at Warrenville Paint and Hardware love our community and those who make it great. Here is a photo of the 2011 Little League team sponsored by Warrenville Paint and Hardware.